jeudi 21 octobre 2010

The people at St Tropez decided to create a kit to help us re-create some of their looks that pounded the catwalks at london fashion week.

The kit includes an instants glow body lotion, and an instant glow face lotion.Both of which wash off.

Insert white hand,and a swatch of the lotion.It looks a little gold because my camera lights on.

Below,insert lovely golden hand.Both products have a subtle but pleasent smell, they are not sticky and they are easy to blend, leaving behind a natural golden glow.

The kit also contains a mitt (which I forgot to photograph) but hey we all know what a tanning mit looks like. And the famous illuminator.This product is one of the nicest things I've seen in a long time. I have kept my camera light on just so you can see the colour a bit clearer.In reality once blended its much more subtle.

Its a highlight with a blue iridescent tone.

Above:I have swiped it heavily so you can see the colour.

Below:Fully blended.

I just think its gorgeous.You can tone it down by mixing it with a moisturiser, but I think its too nice for that.

What can I say,Im a sucker for things that make you glow.

The kit retails for £30 which is a bargain considering the illuminator alone retails for £15

This deal ends 22nd October (sorry im a bit late) but delivery is free whoopie!

Any other info you may need can be found HERE

Let me know your thoughts on the illuminator, are you loving it like me?

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