jeudi 28 octobre 2010

I tend to get real bored of my hair,but one things certain, when winter hits I go back to my natural colour.

The other day this dropped through my door,via a first come first serve thing on John Friedas facebook page.

Now my natural hair is really dark,and usually when I go for a chocolate brown hair colour,I end up near enough black.

Not with this colour....

I went for medium chocolate brown from the new precision foam colour range.It was easy to apply without any drips. Im not going to lie,it was actually the first time I coloured my hair without the usual old hair dye towel round my neck.

The colour wasn't as dark as I thought,and with the flash on it shockingly matches the colour on the box.

Obviously in real life I dont walk around with a bright light shining on my head, but in natural daylight its so deep and chocolatey.

Sorry if the above pic has come out teeny,I cant judge anything through my phone :-\

Im loving it. I also cut a fringe in but im slowly bringing it across day by day to get used to it lol. I feel a tad mushroom like....

Will any of you be going darker for winter? I always find it fitting
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