dimanche 3 octobre 2010

Eyeko celebrated 10yrs of pink power with a little shindig/gathering of bloggers and lovers of beauty.I had fun,even though I missed the cupcakes *Noooooo!

Anyhoo,these were one thing that caught my eye.

Their new London Lip glosses

They come in a few other shades,which are also named after popular places in London,but I had the following....

Mayfair:A deep browny nude
Primrose Hill:A soft pink laced with gold glitter

On first inspection,I had really high hopes for these,especially Mayfair,but im on the fence.

I werent a fan of Primrose Hill,because in general im not a fan of glittery things.On the lips,it has zero colour pay off,and is very glittery.

Mayfair was a tad different,it did add a bit of colour to my lips but nothing major.

The formula of these glosses are quite thick and sticky,so I would advise against swiping straight onto the lips from the tube.Try applying some to your finger and patting it on instead.

I think these would be best used over a lipstick rather than on their own.

The price of these £6.50,which I think is a little steep for any gloss,but would of been fitting if they were to mimic the famous OCC lip tars.(which part of me was expecting after seeing the soho swatch on their site)

What do you guys think,have you tried any of the shades yet?

Ooh dont forget if you place an order for anything,you can use my ambassador code E6852,and you will get a little surprise in your order.
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