vendredi 15 octobre 2010

Christmas came early for me,but times are still hard when I still have no computer and no photoshop,so please exuse the fact you will see my annoying phone in one of my images.This is due to the fact it hates me,and only seems to capture a half decent image when I turn it around and use a mirror! Rant over,lets move on...

My 'O' is here!

(Does running man to Usher OMG)

O my god! Its O mazin,umm ok Michelle,enough of the crappy jokes.

But all aside it is amazing.Im sure you have seen my previous post about this including all the ins and outs,or you may have stumbled across a post on another blog.

A lot of my pics include text so I wont waffle too much...

This is the famous pod,you pop the rollers in "beep beep beeep" and 4 seconds later your ready to roll.

There are various sizes of rollers available,as you can see in the above picture.Each pack contains 4 rollers.

I was going to leave it a while before doing a post,but realistically who the hell am I kidding.Im like a kid with a new toy!

A few roughly placed 30 and 40 mm rollers later....

Hello waves!!!

I wacked in the biggest rollers just to see what it would do.After my hair had cooled fully (10min) I took the rollers out and shook my head like those women do in the hair adverts.I like the results,its really me,soft waves and volume,what more could a girl want....

The'O' retails at £149.95 and the rollers are £15.95 to £18.95 per pack,all available from HERE

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