jeudi 14 octobre 2010

I've been on the hunt for a leave in conditioner for some time now.Last week a stumbled upon this one.

Aussie miracle hair insurance.Its got all type of oils in it to help protect your hair,and the smell is rather amazing,if I do say so myself.

Although it says to use this on towel dry hair,I personally like spritz my dry hair every night before I go to bed. When I wake up in the morning,im left with locks even disney would be proud of. Soft,shiney and smelling devine.

And for those days I cant be bothered to deal with my hair,I just spray some of this in.

Today I picked up the much talked about Barry M dusky mauve.I walked into my local superdrug,anf there was one left.Clearly it was meant to be.

Im really feeling this colour,especially the shot of purple you can see when you tilt your hand.

(Do exuse the cuticle oil lol)
I know my nail colour changes as frequently as the wind changes direction,I cant help it. I love nail polish and always will. Its one of my less expensive beauty addictions.

Both products are available a boots or superdrug
Barry m - £2.50
Aussie - under £4

Shop Aussie Here

Are any of you a lover of Aussie or Dusky mauve?
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