samedi 28 août 2010

Eyeko have released two new polishes

Chi Chi polish,a light pink polish laced with pink glitter

And punk polish,a bright neon pink,which Is under the spot light today.

Punk polish isnt exactly new,its back by popular demand,and I can see why.I was attracted to this colour instantly.

Only downfall is the formulation.Its thick and gloopy and didnt go on well at all until I added a few drops of thinner.

It also dries with more of a matt shine.

Aside from that,im still loving the colour,I have been wearing it for two days,and theres no sign of mr chip yet.

I haven't yet tried the chi chi polish,but will get a second post up when I do.

These are available from
rrp £3.50

And dont forget to use my code if you pick anything up,ur get a little freebie

Whats your thoughts on these new shades?
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