jeudi 26 août 2010

Yesterday blush,today bronzer

Meet the other members of the Body Shops baked to last collection.

Theres a shade for lighter skin tones,in warm glow

And a shade for darker skin tones,which is in Golden bronze

Below I have swatched them both heavily.Just like the blushers they are very sheer and buildable.

Due to swirling my finger around in my bronzers,iv now messed up the pretty pattern! dam you swatches!

Anyhoo,back to the subject.....

I tend to use the lighter shade as its more suited to my skin.I think its really pretty and although this also contains a shimmer,they havent gone overboard.

The thing I like most about these bronzers,is that there not a solid block of one colour.You can definitely see swirls of different shades,and im sure I've detected a hint of pearly pink in the lighter shade.

Best of all you dont get that ' I've just fallen in dirt' look,and they last.

RRP £14

Have any of you tried these?
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