mardi 18 mai 2010

Ok so my fix+ spray is basically finished,it no longer kisses my face with a fine mist of goodness,it more spits at me now,"that's not nice."

Unless im heading up west,or I order another online,im not going to get my hands on it any time soon.

Insert my back up plan......

The body shop vitamin E facial spray.I have been hearing some good things about this little pink bottle,and it kind of makes sense to let it play a part in my daily routine,as I have been using Superdrugs vitamin E products for some time now,and my skin is looking like I used too, smooth and radiant

This is also cheaper than fix+ ,its only by £4 but that could buy me a meal at KFC so im not complaining.

Have any of you tried this before, what's your thoughts.

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