jeudi 8 avril 2010

A while back I purchased this Barry M gloss.Please dont ask me why.I think it was because it smells like something tropical.

Since the day I bought It,I had only swatched it once,and put it on to see what it would look like.I thought it would give a faint wash of colour to the lips.I was so so wrong,as this gloss actually makes your lips look full blown orange,which frankly isn't really my thing.

Today I was bored and couldn't decide on what to post about,so I had a rummage through my lip draw. Originally this was going to be a "what can I do with this gloss" post,but I have found an answer whoopi.

As well as finding this in my draw,I also came across natural collections apple blossom.This lipstick is boots own range and im pretty sure it didnt cost me more that £2.

I could never carry of this colour,as it just seemed to look a bit to pink on my lips,so you guessed it,I decided to mix until my little heart was content.
A few seconds later and Waaa La......

A lovely peachy nude,It looks lovely on the lips,I will swatch it another time as at current my lips have recently been invaded by the dreaded dry patch : (

But I think you will all agree,its a lovely colour.I think I might melt the lipstick down and blend them together to make a solid gloss.

Im actually quite glad I didn't get rid of the gloss now

What do you think of my new creation?

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