mardi 6 avril 2010

My first ever outfit of the day,well the other day. Excuse the crap in the back lol,yes my room was in tip mode.Oh and by the way,Im not a one of those that wear my sunglasses inside lol,the sun was actually shining and I was heading out.Today just happened to be a black and white day,although im usually in print or colour.It was one of those times I just had to throw on a T-Shirt and leggings.(sounds like something a small child would wear hehe)

Sheer Baggy T-H&M

I was wearing these accessories.My trusty aviators,heart locket and my ring that is probably the one thing I never leave my house without.My mum bought it when she was 16,and gave it to me when I was 16,vintage baby lol.

So thats it really,im stuck on what else to say,oh apart from how nice was the weather today,It was actually warm,fingers crossed it stays this way.

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