vendredi 23 avril 2010

So yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Armani event (post to come) I met Lina there(make up to make out) and she was wearing a rather nice lipstick.Usually I hate pinks and steer well clear,but I was automatically drawn to this colour.I asked her what it was and she told me it was girl about town by mac.Then she told me there was a dupe.Enter Barry M punky pink....

At £4.25 of course I bought the dupe.Its exactly the same there is no difference between the two apart from the name.

The only Barry M lipstick I own is the famous 101,But I found it was very chalky and drying.This on the other hand is the total opposite.Its creamy and moisturising and the finish is more on the kissable lips side.In other words its not matt.

So like I said I usually steer well clear of colours like this.But Lina said I could pull it off if I get a tan LOOOL!!! well I havnt quite got a tan yet,but I think im pulling it off in a (I hope I dont look like a fool) way.
Insert rank picture of me......

What do you think,yes,no maybe so ?

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