mardi 23 mars 2010

After seeing this on pixi2woos channel I just had to have it.But there was no way I was going to part with £12 for such a small gloss,So I started searching the net in hope of saving a few pounds.

I eventually came across a site (which I will post at the bottom) that sold MAC,benefit and a few other bits at a lower price.At first I was like hmmm.But I placed my order through pay pal knowing if it was fraud I could get the money back.

So I ordered florabundance on sat eve and it came this morning.Cost £6.99
I love the colour,its like a nude peachy pink,It also smells quite nice too
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From what I can see its definitely not a fake.But I did email the company to find out just why there cosmetics were so cheap.

I was told that most of the products are things shops send back because the boxes might be scratched,or certain lines may be discontinued.The lady also told me she was getting a load of urban decay stuff in soon because urban decay are changing there packaging.Makes sense!

She also said she has been selling mac for 3yrs via her own stockist,she used to sell on ebay and trading standards had checked her out and everything was kool.To be honest I dont think they would bother with anything dodgy considering they post the cosmetics from their home address

Now im not one to believe people when they are talking about their own company,because clearly they are going to say what ever they can to make you part with your cash.But I do believe it to some extent.Theres markets near me that sell drug store cosmetics galore LOL and they sure aint fakes....

Everything seems fine with my lipglass and delivery was speedy.I will definitely be placing another order when I feel like I need to spend some money.

The site Comsetic Skincare have any of you ever ordered from here before?

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