dimanche 21 février 2010

So a few of you have already sold your soul to me on twitter last night*cough cough* Zozeebo,sweetcheeks,fashionteller,JLfaith and pinkpixiedoll.What for I hear you ask,well look below......

Thats right ladies,I want to make a calender for 2011 featuring us.Some of you may think why what for,well maybe because it could be quite fun,and it could be something nice to do for charity.I thought of the idea last year but by that time it was too late : (

At least this way,any one who wishes to be involved can be.So get your thinking caps on lately,and when the seasons come along get snapping,a little bit of inspiration can go a long way,If you want to help me with this little project,just drop me a comment below,any skill is useful

Fingers crossed we can do it.xx

: )

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