mardi 5 janvier 2010

*Pinches myself* Umm Im just checking that I am alive,because I fail to understand why I never knew about this product......

Ok so it is my first ever mac purchase(yay me) but still there is no excuse for the sheer lateness I have clearly been blessed with

Aside from that,lets shimmy onto the good stuff.....

Mac Fix+ spray + my face = dewy moisturised glowing skin,yeah thats right,I can do maths aswell lol

Im totally in love with this stuff.It refreshes the skin,sets make-up and moisturises too.You can use it before and after make-up,I do both.I cant believe I went through a make-up routine without this.Its clearly my new love

This retails at £11 and can be purchased off the MAC website and in department stores at MAC counters

This could be a wasted post,as majority of the world uses MAC like toilet paper.But for the small society of *never used mac* people out there,this post was for you.

Im no longer a MAC virgin-fix+ popped my cherry

: )

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