vendredi 23 octobre 2009

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Hey ladies,Just a quick post on the Loreal Lash serum,I have been using this for two weeks now
and I must say I am impressed

The tube contains a serum that by day,You wear under your mascara,and by night you wear on bare lashes and use the spongy applicator tip to treat the lash line

I do have a before picture,But like I said Iv only been using it for 2wks,so rather than have you squint at your computer trying to notice a difference,I thought Id wait until the 4 week mark

This serum claims to give you thicker bushier lashes after 3months of use,It does this by strengthening lashes,so they dont fall out,which obviously gives them the potential to grow as long as they can

I must say,after only 2 weeks of applying this stuff I have noticed a major difference.My lashes are definitely stronger,I havnt even had one fall out,Not even if I fiddle with them like I bloody do at times lol,Their glossier and i must say a tad bushier too

I cant wait until I reach the 3 month mark to see the results,if it keeps going as it is I think they will be amazing

This retails at £10 but when I got mine boots had knocked off £3,not sure if they are still doing it but you can check it out HERE

Have you tried this yet?


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